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in week or. so yeah. so should think. so. so without any perceptible look see so don't be so i'd be sorry if you. thought or anything so. i'll get out and. so this new guy he. put into care but. still i don't know the phone at the foot of. most of the people who live in somalia and jaya have no choice but to be subsistence farmers. rice paddies rubber river fish to grow vegetables
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and greens fit for human consumption. but continuous struggle for survival has become the order of the dam from the moment the multinational oil companies moved into the area. and i. like our it up by don burke award on top i'm up on my number number up now but i mean it's got under most and i'm only one so we're not i would be ended up on gondola. but i've been. told to go to be. one hundred in muster rug.
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i've been through. because you have got by now. but i'm going up by youngest got that i got all the. community. into new zealand government says palm oil production is helping the national economy boosting the industry and reducing poverty official sources point to more than five million people working in tall mile plantations and another fifty million in related jobs ninety percent of the world's palm oil production is based in malaysia. oil is indonesia's second duggar cultural product in terms of scale of production to rice. market little. non-trivial it is.
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not and. with the how many. times in a digital. divide to avoid about how and what to do. when i. get out someone i've known. that and i'm not one of them or not is that they will have the. time to get out and not into a. sample they might be downhearted. democratic to do at least was not in the law or you might not be down about. a day off able to do all. they will and to do afterward i ask you not about the. house i'm on it with the home county and the people with a little man. a warning about. what do
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we do about that for you when you have to go. out my back on the amount how you will need the money coming in and the minimum amount you need. to ended up dying on the sidewalk. rocky for one you're pretty sure one night i am going now and i mean the need to go in and out on my. model number but into a new model article in ghana. and i do gosh well that's what i'm going to need that even money down on me i don't know how to genitive. the money genie is running on back to nature that i'm comin down. the list isn't enough to fund a million of you no bones. about it on the internet and got out until the cuckoo i . know you know who i know we're.
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in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for the swiss customs i hear opponents lacewell all the science is controlled by them and they impose the openings on so what was it it was to do this film is all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe.
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masterpieces by artists like pecans oh and modigliani i can't boards unsold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers a. naturally discreet commercially discreet step but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. sorry and i mean to be so yes i don't mind being around to i'd say i do from one
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day tomorrow so what i say to get out or you got into any bar and later gania. how it got out of the democrat into going to me i know i wouldn't i thought i read it only when he thought that the model of a. very. nice and nice and winning it that i'm not. the soon to be said the clinton team is selling out and i don't think he said oh my god i'm really a wound up as i read it and even i know. that it's gotten to that. he doesn't want to move. so the butt of the motherly will be. more. on the whole not smooth and i wouldn't
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normally have a month a month of the. being one thing. but the i know you mean well given. that i like them but. besides even believe i'm doing our own. bit of mind with area . that i don't. know that you. bought. a lot of. numbers i don't see how me minding my own things. yes i know andy. heidi heidi got a big you got this idea of everybody got an i got.
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a lovely cundall a little a mediation with i'm going to mine doing that as i am going to do a ball and i see these who have become. limp out and buy get a little thing out on cuts are going to give me without feet gun so that angle cannot i can come leave behind and smile out of the way when i'm in lebanon or god does me as i'm not going to. give me again the money i'm going to the west and we're going to leave behind him up but there's going to be as i go alone with who. i have to get to. caught up i do not have any bonding and if you need to know that i mean. honestly i would want to be. put under the idea that all of.
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this i believe because i would. be able to be how can i put on the putting up time. and again. not so i'm allowed to come on a milk and. just hope not to. yeah. bongos. i'm not going to.
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put on the world on monday and i would i me. alone. but it will not get any. number of really if. you do think. i'm going to do it in. connecticut i even throughout the. book come early to the moto. i'm not going to bug. you while we. go under. and you get to the. number of. the.
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young must see. how many god you got. to go. get the plug. one cannot get by scott on anything that was editing that's like a book i see there's a volcano to night you mean ian young so i don't get up like daddy then and i'm going to get us caught i'm going to get lucky lucky once the market got it's pretty through so said i but i must. go but if you are. ready to hold. on. but the thing i knew. about that if i had had
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a foul me had been that it's going to see the my side of it to my game and it didn't what i thought about it until later with egypt i just thought up and you are very much out of cartooning there's a bit of paper babu done. by their monitor yeah of course you're someone young. and i think the element of you wanted to. indonesia's forum for the environment. and the indigenous peoples alliance of young people to go. provide own living training for young people involving the struggle against unlawful deforestation which has become a serious problem with more than fifty million cubic metres of rain forest destroyed each year. the number one who thought i was.
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going to be getting very and i said i've got to come out and i come got a. little bit done b. and they saw us doing a two hundred or two here and. they are a minute to. the idea. for him over some of the whole. body through a lot and with her other than with her on and on a lot of very thought on her segin very good idea too and you got near to the really kind of you got to be. about got out of her that i've hardly got up from my for a year but i was going to come. in just a couple but then bring up acid id good idea will probably do. the economy up us are we. yes folks rode to somalia to join a house here to be finished even though the construction of the new route began
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thirteen years ago. you. get i did get out on the mike i. can get. back out on base and so i'm going out on bail and i've changed over the. allotment of my chemical about i'm going to get a check up on a. couple of. computers and they munadi down again not knowing. the. person in the school but they do look at dominick dunne.
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simple unit can show that the money and i'm by i like the changeling and my number . could be good and that it but one can find that in. some way do what he will do best up and lessening the fine is i'm really happy that he put it on and they're going to get the. actual sat on my site that some money going to be. a battle of the believe it then it might be allow me to.
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look at those somebody to. support the op obviously going on t.v. it's other. me to give them no i mean must if you tell a local gun see down the road on the night. the top of the log on the. that people night i think that's what i did i come home with. me i'm outta. kill. anybody got a. really good idea i got
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a light and i don't get any good. the destruction of rain forests and the cultivation of palm oil plantations in their place of failed to bring the prosperity that the local people expected in fact the reverse is true not as have been made much worse the people have been deprived of a variety of forest products upon which they had been so dependent when the residents of so many enjoyed decided to take the matter to court to claim back at least part of the land that had been taken from them to stay to count off payment of any subsidies the locals had been receiving this was the people's lives into absolute misery.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on the off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will
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be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. russia says it is waiting for other nations to admit they manufactured nova child after the czech president says his country produced and stored a nerve agent similar to that used in the cells for a poison a. long time ago weapons watchdog contradicts its own chief who earlier said up to one hundred grams of no child was used to poison a former russian spy. i don't want to hear about it. on the. palestinians that thousands of them demonstrate on the israel gaza border for a sixth consecutive friday and are met with live fire and tear gas from i.d.f. soldiers. to journalist to mount a legal battle in the u.s.
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against their alleged inclusion on the government killed they say they are wrongly suspected of having links to terror groups. the latest on these stories you can head to our to dot com stay with us now for the big picture. welcome to the big picture where we go beyond the headlines this week the immigration debate very controversial but one thing both sides agree on immigration is broken but first as a record number of women are running for congress two candidates who will make you want even if you don't live in their districts holland cook in washington this is our t. america. last
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week we introduced you to two candidates one democrat one republican both saying. things that might surprise you this week we're joined by two more candidates both of whom are challenging incumbents so why are more than twice as many women running for congress of this year than ran in two thousand and sixteen these women are fighting to ensure their voices are heard as they often feel under represented across the country as this map illustrates the big picture for young women in both chambers of congress women in the u.s. house women in the senate and no women and one hundred fourteenth congress let's talk to these candidates rosa calderone introduces herself as scientist activist small business owner mother and refugee she is the democratic candidate for
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california's fourth congressional district and sara smith introduces herself as a young working woman who worries about my health care my student loans and my economic future she is a candidate in the democratic primary race for washington state's ninth district welcome both and thanks for your time tonight. thank you for having us rosa according to the map on your website the fourth california district includes several of the more scenic places in the usa but does not seem to include your opponent's residence does rep tom mcclintock not live in the district he raps absolutely he does not live in the district so he can't even vote for himself come this election and as close as we're going to get to who is going to win he's going to need his vote to count i think how is he allowed to run. you know it's not against the law in congress as long as you live in the state you try to represent
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you are ok to run and unfortunately in my district not only see someone who has never lived in the district but we also have people who have just moved to the district to run as well while this may be new permissible under the law you know this may be news to a lot of voters there now sarah smith you are challenging congressman adam smith who's wife's name is also sarah and your primary and your fellow down that's a lot for voters to sort out how has rep smith failed washington state democrats. representative smith doesn't he's afraid to take a chance he's afraid to stand up for anything he toes the party line he's afraid to take bold stances and in a district that's as dark blue as our district as we swung about seventy two percent for brain sanders in the caucusing in washington he we should expect more and demand more of our representatives we shouldn't just wait for them to take up the mantle of pushing for single payer medicare for all after thirteen years that since its introduction this is the first year he's co-sponsored it and it's also
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the first series had a progressive challenger that has a strong campaign so i think that we can do better we should do better and we must do better if we want to be better was he a superdelegate for hillary clinton yes he was despite the fact that the district caucus seventy two percent for bernie sanders he's superdelegate for hillary clinton is a lot of that going on rosa and sarah in that order do i overstate trump backlash is a big reason why so many women are running no i think that's a right statement you know for me the community asked me to run and as a female it takes a little bit longer for you to realize that you are able to lead but i just couldn't stand by continue see what was going on some of the first protests that you saw in washington d.c. were actually right at the trump tower right after the election happened and i was one of the people marching there with my daughter and not knowing what kind of future i could offer her with someone in presidency electron i knew that i had to do something more about it gender
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a big factor. i think it is i think women are we're tired of hearing ourselves we talked about the way trump talks about women we're tired of hearing our rights be talked about the way the conservatives talk about our rights we're sick and tired of it and we're done rolling over and you see it with the need to movement right now you see it and with the volume of women running for congress we're done rolling over we're done waiting for someone else to take up the mantle and fix our problems women are waking up and realizing that we're the ones who can fix our problems together and so we're linking arms we're running for congress and we're seizing our power back you are both outspoken advocates of medicare for all and that is pretty much the opposite of what rosa's opponent recommends the store to individuals. the financial means and the wide range of choices to put their families back in charge of their own health care for example instead of all of the tax advantages we give to companies to impose plans on their employees when we give those same tax advantages to the employees so they can go out and choose the plan that best meets
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their own needs that they can take from job to job and they can fire for it no longer serves your needs rosa i am on medicare and i love it the system processed over a billion claims last year but do the numbers work would we be better off if people in their thirty's forty's fifty's people too young to enroll under the present system could buy into medicare. well you know the program itself as it stands there's going to be a lot of no not just expansion but we're going to have to strengthen the program so that it works for every single person medicare itself is not perfect but it is our form and our very successful form of single payer that we've been under for quite some time there has been a few medicare expansions in the last few decades and they have worked miraculously you know one of the things that most people have fought for to maintain as part of the cia was the medicare expansion and that's what people were calling the representatives who are regardless if they were public and or if they were democrat
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unfortunately for mcclintock this is something that he's going to have to get onboard with he wants to expand company competition in the market but that hasn't worked in fact that just gives more power to health care and pharmaceutical companies to really take people for everything that they have and that is not ok with me and under his plan to repeal the a ca he wanted to take medicare away from over seventy thousand of his constituents here and district for sara if you let to you would be one of the younger members of congress is health care a pickle for people your age. absolutely it is so when i was in college actually i didn't have health care i had to sign on for student health care and it cost somewhere between two to five thousand per semester while me to be on a college plan yes it's extremely expensive and i have a lot of friends especially the way that the economy is for workers right now most of the people in my age group of my age bracket and it's going to happen with the next upcoming generation two are working two to three jobs usually in hospitality
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or in the restaurant business where they don't even have the ability to sign up for health care or if they do it's six hundred dollars a month or more and they just can't afford that especially with wages being stagnant or dropping in some areas people can't afford to have health care so they're just foregoing it and they're there waiting on health problems were sitting on health problems until they become major crises single payer polls over sixty percent and it's regardless of democrat or republican it's regardless of age group it's over sixty percent approval for a single payer medicare for all system that's what we need to adopt and we need representatives in office that are not just willing to support it but that are willing to stand up and put everything on the line to fight for it and that's what i want to do in congress for people in my generation and generations to come after mine well this is what bernie was preaching out last time you're both waging ambitious challenges to better funded opponents and you've both sworn off pac money rose how do you compete. you know it's one of the questions that we get constantly
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but unfortunately when i'm asked how much money do you have my rebuttal is what does that money actually buy you you know if you look at any of the f.e.c. by any of these huge establishment candidates that are running you'll see that they have a lot of consultants a lot of independent expenditures and a lot of that money we have zero idea what it actually produce for them so what we have focused on is making sure that we are knocking on doors that we're making phone calls and luckily you know we started doing this back in september of last year we are still leading with name recognition and having one tenth of what the leading candidate with in terms of money has in this district so i think that the footwork excess quite a bit and how we're going to overcome money in politics and it's actually one of the things that has helped me bridge relationships with people from other parties if it's one thing that we can all get behind is getting money out of politics my stance on this is i'm going in.


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